May 2021

President's Newsletter

Well, this is the month that we would normally be getting all ready for the Beach Caravan!!

Now we have several months before the Caravan in October. Fortunately, things are getting

better with COVID and we don’t need to wear those darn masks all the time. I’m hoping that by

October even more of the restrictions will be gone. There will also be some changes on how

the Caravan will be done in the future and we will discuss this already at our May Club Meeting.

We already had some folks go down to the Corvette show in Florida in April and it went really

well. We need to try and support more of the area Corvette Clubs with their events so they will

be more encouraged to participate in our Caravan. We started the Corvettes and Coffee again

in April but unfortunately, I was under the weather and wasn’t able to go but I will be there for

the Corvettes and Coffee on 8 May at the Panera Bread in Enterprise.

I want to thank Charley for coordinating the visit of the Corvette Museum CEO at our April

meeting. He and his wife came up in a beautiful C8 Mobile 1 Edition!!! His talk was inspiring and

his interest in the importance of Corvette Clubs was very encouraging. Thank you, Charley!

Hope to see you all at the Club meeting or Corvettes and Coffee. Save the Wave.